To configure the Docker CLI for use with Canister:

  1. Open a command line on a workstation/server with Docker installed, with a user that has access to the Docker CLI.
  2. User the docker CLI to log into the registry docker login --username=yourcanisterID --password=yourpassword and hit enter.
  3. You should see a message that login has been successful!

If you’ve already created a repo, go ahead and tag your image and push it!  If not, you must create one or you will not be able to push.


This page was changed on September 27, 2016.  We made some modifications to the registry's authentication target, logging in providing an email and username was causing some users issues, and we now suggest logging in with your username rather than email.  This should not be a breaking change.


  1. You must add the registry and port to the end of the command. This is the most common problem when trying to log into a registry.
  2. This is subject to the same security concerns as logging in to any Docker registry or Docker Hub.  Please address the concerns as necessary for your particular environment.